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Contemplating divorce is tough. Taking that next step of calling a divorce lawyer is even harder. Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson provide one free confidential consultation so you can learn about your legal rights, such as your right to your children, your assets, and your obligation to pay creditors.


Guardianship is a legal relationship, supervised by the court, when a person is unable to, or can no longer communicate safe and sound decisions about his/her person and finances. The minor or adult for whom a guardianship is sought is called a Ward. A Ward may include minor children, or adults that may be mentally disabled, incapacitated, or vulnerable adults such as the elderly.

Family Law

Family issues are very sensitive and personal to people. We understand and realize this means clearly explaining legal rights, and providing all available options to our clients is of the utmost importance. 


As a parent, the last thing you want to have happen is danger to your child or another. CHIPS stands for the "Child in Need of Protection and/or Services" law which helps children. Family law attorneys O'Connor and Nelson have dealt with numerous CHIPS cases over the years. When a child comes to court because a parent has hurt them or not taken care of them, this is a CHIPS case. 

Criminal Law

The scope of Lawyers O'Connor and Nelson's criminal practice encompasses representation of defendants in domestic related crimes, or crimes that arise in the context of a family-like situation. Domestic crimes involve crimes between a defendant and his/her spouse, former spouse, a person with whom the defendant has a child with, or a person with whom the defendant lives or has lived with.

Traffic Law

Speeding tickets, DUIs and other driving violations are tough and can have severe consequences. Working and living become hard without personal transportation. Attorney Nelson has an extensive background in traffic and criminal matters. Each violation can result in fines and points added to your license.