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Attorneys O'Connor & Nelson provide honest and reliable legal services to the communities of Racine and Kenosha Counties including:

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Experienced and Aggressive Representation

Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson's goal is to help clients file for divorce and resolve criminal matters quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively while ensuring that their rights are fully protected.

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O'Connor & Nelson Law Offices, conveniently located in downtown Racine, provides experienced, aggressive legal representation for clients going through legal difficulties that encompass the family in both civil and criminal courts. Filing for divorce, legal separation, paternity actions, spousal and child support, physical placement of children, asset and debt division, guardianships, and the defense of those charged with domestic related crimes are the focus of our trusted practice.

Attorney Margaret O'Connor founded O'Connor Family Law in 2003. In 2016, Margaret was joined by Attorney Heather Nelson renaming the firm O'Connor & Nelson Law Offices. Lawyer Margaret O’Connor is currently licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and Illinois. Lawyer Heather Nelson is currently licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson have 19 years combined experience focusing on all aspects of family law and the defense of domestic related crimes. They have the knowledge, experience and passion to ensure your rights are successfully protected! Our clients are thoroughly educated about the law, their legal rights, and the options available to them.

Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson will provide you with the necessary legal guidance to make informed decisions about your life and future. They will work with you on creating a well thought out strategy for success based upon the specifics of your situation and desired outcome. When a case is not handled properly, it can end up being more time-consuming and expensive than necessary. Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson's goal is to help clients file for divorce and resolve criminal matters quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively while ensuring that their rights are fully protected.

O'Connor & Nelson Law Offices provides their clients with the trusted, personal attention and care that is needed when going through difficult and uncertain times. Whether your case is uncontested or high conflict and headed for trial, Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson have the experience and passion to provide you with the quality and affordable representation you deserve.

Contact Attorneys O'Connor & Nelson today for your family law and divorce attorney needs. Weekend and evening consultations are available by appointment.


Divorce / Paternity

O'Connor and Nelson provide one free private consultation so you can learn about your legal rights, such as your right to your children, assets, and obligation to pay creditors.



The Children in Need of Protection Law include respected local individuals and family counselors and therapists, parenting and child education classes.



We work with a variety of talented professionals that are available to provide collateral family services to assist in the family court arena.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Attorneys O'Connor and Nelson will guide you through these complex legal situations that not only affect you, but your interests and your assets.

Family law

Family Law

Family law issues are very personal. We understand and realize this means clearly explaining legal rights, and providing all options to clients is of the utmost importance. 

Traffic Law

Traffic Law

Working and living become hard without personal transportation. Attorney Nelson has an extensive background in traffic and criminal matters. Each violation can result in fines.